About 2 Minutes

Alexander Gross
48 Channel Video
December, 2008

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About 2 Minutes

This 48 channel video work, explores the subjective experience of time, and synchronicity. The work was created via an algorithmic process. I filmed myself sitting in front of a camera for what I subjectively believed to be about a minute. Then I removed myself from the frame for what I believed to be about another minute. This process was repeated 48 times continuously. This process took more than 4 hours. Each cycle, which was subjectively believed to be about 2 minutes was isolated. Each having a different actual runtime. An application was constructed which would simultaneously play all 48 videos and composite them to a video grid in real time. As the piece starts all versions of myself sit down at the same time, as the piece progresses the loops become increasingly out of sync. It be billions of years before the videos will come into sync again. The piece brings attention to the uniqueness of each state of the grid as the mind attempts to find a pattern to the oscillations of various groups of channels. The grid evolves through states of randomness to times when it seems that actual imagery is being created by the video "pixels". Each of these states is as unique as the work's first moment. The piece also functions as documentation of the performative nature of the work's creation, as the entire 4 hour process of creating this piece re-enacts itself about every 2 minutes.