Odd Power of the Forest

Alexander Gross
fabric, wire, custom electronics, pvc pipe, ballons, compresed air
October, 2008

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Odd Power of the Forest

This work is part of a series I have been working on which explores mysterious interventions into the ordinary. These sculptural works are site specific interventions into a places which seek to create an embodiment of the unnatural and uncanny essense of the place.

The images below are picture of the sculpture in progress not the final installation.

When the piece was finally installed, it was situated unadvertised in the middle of a local forest. Electronics were added to the sculptural forest spirit so that its eyes glowed red at night. In addition to the sculptural installation a sound piece was created. The sound was generated using a homemade resonator pipe which was hidden from view. It played a low-pitch hum continuously, which could be heard faintly, long before the actual piece was discovered. The totality of this was an unsettling experience, which served to embody the strange feeling and state of being in the woods alone at night.

The sound was not recorded but sound similar to this:

Odd Power of the Forest by GreyVagabond