Alexander Gross
photo, transparency, tacks, string, fiberboard
March, 2009

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This piece was created as a response to the miraculous sightings of jesus that get reported in the news on a regular basis, in conjunction with my on going interest emergence, particularly as it applies to the way we experience the world. I this piece I plotted a map of the area surrounding the exhibition with points such that by placing four point on the map I was able to construct a cross shape centered on the exhibition space and pointing towards Jerusalem. I then went to these locations and search for phenomena to photograph that could be interpretted as miraculous imagery. These were all plotted on a board and included transparencies keyed to each image to assist the viewer in being able to recognize the supposed miraculous face. These were including with some early experiments in intentionally rusting imagery into metal plates. The overall effect is that it apears to be a research project of some kind of obsessed personality, but in the end the choice to see or not see or to ascribe meaning or not rest with the viewer. The limits of perseption are explored as well as illuinating how meaning is created in our own sane experience of the world.