Bethany Engstrom, William Giordano, Alexander Gross, Ryan Page, Abigail Stiers
Interactive Performance Installation, Max/MSP, Processing
April, 2009

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MCRCSM is a multimedia installation, which prioritizes the process of change between macrocosmic to microcosmic points of view. It does so by accepting audio and visual information as it is captured in real time while utilizing computer processing to render a spatialized output. The processing codes that dictate the way sound and digital video are rendered are dependent upon information gathered from audience interaction and environmental data during the event. All aspects of the installation are interconnected. Upon investigation any one individual component will demonstrate its dependence on a web of relationships to reveal both broader and more focused layers of complexity. A single sound may emerge from the space and have an identity, however it's recognized identity will eventually bring one's recognition back to its' relationship to the whole system.

My part of this collaborative project consisted of developing the protocol and technological framework for the interaction. There were several main components to this interactive system a audio sampler, audio spatialization system, a video tracking system, a visual output system, and a virtual enivormentment where a complex particle system based on the movement of free electrons was affected by the audio and visual tracking in the space. This system in turn sent information back to the audio and visual output systems to affect the environment of the installation space. I coded the particle system and developed the framework for all the systems to communicate in real-time to create this deeply interactive performance.

Project Webpage: Here
Project Video: Here