Diverse Nature

Alexander Gross, Julie Jones
Natural and Man-Made Artifacts
August, 2009

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Diverse Nature

As a collaborative effort this work is created out of a love the natural world, and a deep respect for the mystery and variability that this universe provides. Alexander Gross is an artist interested in playing with the mysteries of the universe, and challenging traditional assumptions about the world we live in. Julie Jones is a multi-faceted artist, working primarily in fiber, who enjoys recreating the intricate and complex forms of nature in her work This installation is created from two types of objects: natural artifacts and man-made artifacts whose creation was guided by a human's aesthetic sensibility of what it mean to be natural. These artifacts were blended to create a single perspective of a "natural scene," and despite the variety of materials used, their can be no doubt that the final product is real.

In Diverse Nature we have created a mimesis of nature, out of natural and unnatural materials. In this unique and comprehensive melange the natural becomes a parody of itself, while the unnatural takes on an air of legitimacy. Artifacts created through natural processes, and those which were human-crafted, blend together to create a new kind of ecosystem in which the legitimacy of the system which creates an object becomes secondary to the fact that the object exists (as it always has) in a relationship to every other object in this world. Instead of suffering the infernal indignity imposed by the ancient Greeks that, in all art, man imitates nature. We instead can realize that to imitate nature is only natural. We humans are not apart from nature and therefore can do nothing but create more nature. Every possible act is guided by natural systems and algorithms and each is as valid in its beauty as the "high nature" to which common parlance normally refers. In the end we can only say that this work has a singular nature, though the name of that nature remains unknown.