Image Draw

Alexander Gross
Custom Application, Processing
September, 2007

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Image Draw
This project implements a random walk algorithm. The algorithm has been augmented so the walking dot does not simply choose a random direction to go at each time step. Instead the moving point looks at a black and white image the same size as the drawing space and calculates a weighted average which moves the dot preferencially towards brighter areas. Eventually some semblance of the image is recreated through a a semi random process. After many hours the image eventually blows out. Every time the code is run the same image is drawn in a different way. The image it is drawing from is a photo of Saddam Hussein, immeadiately after his capture. This was not intended to have any political meaning I just like the way the hair of his beard mimics the brownian motion of the particle in this piece. The example images below were capture between 8 - 12 hours after the piece was started

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Source code: imageDraw

Built with Processing

Source Image
Some example images