Alexander Gross
Custom Application, ActionScript 3
April, 2008

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Recently I have been studying the behaviour of Southeast Asian fireflies which blink synchronously. I have been trying to recreate this behavior in my own algorithm. I am having limited success for the time being due mostly, I believe, to the choice for constants and variability I allow into the system. My ultimate goal would be to get the simulation to blink in perfect unison, and then have them look at a movie in order to determine the brightness of the blink. Thus modeling a nature-based way a moving pictures could be displayed. I like the emergent pattern that are percied like swirling flashes, or explosions and implosions. To me this is a good intermediary outcome because it plays off the emergence of the behaviour itself, and also enter into the theme of gestalt principles, of pattern completion which I am also quite interested in.

Follow this link to view the Flash implementation of my algorithm.