Fourth Trimester

Alexander Gross
wood, canvas, chicken wire, plaster, sand, and animatronics
December, 2008

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Fourth Trimester

This work is part of a series I have been working on which explores mysterious interventions into the ordinary. These sculptural works are site specific interventions into a places which seek to create an embodiment of the unnatural and uncanny essense of the place.

This work was a site specific installation for the Freese Pop Art Show, in Bangor, Maine in December of 2008. This piece was constructed to reference the over ripe potential of the Freese's building. The wall itself is bulging with pregnancy. Parts of the building have been unused for years, but there is apprehension, as things that are over ripe, are fragile, and tend to rot. Will the space benefit the community or turn into something else. The piece asks the viewer to think about these things and wait and see. The false amorphous addition to the wall also features an animatronic element as once every minute the wall seems to kick as if something is about to escape. This piece is constructed of wood, canvas, chicken wire, plaster, sand, and animatronic elements.